Our Favorite Outdoor Writing: July 2018

July has come and gone. Here are three of our favorite pieces from the last month:

The gold rush story is familiar: a precious resource is found; the prospectors come; and within a few years, the land and the people are both left ruined. But in twenty-first century Arizona the prospectors didn’t come for gold—they came for water.

More than 150 years before the current conflict in Arizona, water scarcity molded the development of the American West. If The Water Wars of Arizona left you thirsty for more, check out this excerpt from John F. Ross’s new book, The Promise of the Grand Canyon.

Are you a gear junkie with a minor in economics? Then this one is for you. Mya Frazier breaks down Amazon’s attempts to corner the gear market. Find out what that means for you—and for the independent gear shop down the street. (Spoiler: It’s nothing good.)

Any other articles you loved this month? Tell us about them below!